The Waiting Place - LP

by Oakhill

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released October 29, 2015

Martin Kibler - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass.
Brandon Birkner - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass.

Recorded at Zoinga Recording with Mick Maslowski

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this, we are extremely grateful.



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Oakhill Flint, Michigan

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Pop Rock from Flint Michigan

Martin Kibler
Brandon Birkner
Joseph Binder
Erik Weston

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Track Name: My Old Life
I was just ten miles away from your house. What was stopping me back then? What was so important that I couldn’t get in my car and drive? Or was it the nervousness in my bones? I guess God will only know why everything has become equivalent to leaving home. I got my teeth kicked in from prolonging a conflict with my best friend way back in high school. And to add on I lost my job to a kid only seventeen with a better car than me. I watched the ground shake and tear my home down again. And it’d be tragic if it didn’t happen every single weekend I’m alone again. Reflecting on an awful situation or maybe two. I was there for you when you were sick. I never told you that I wish that I was the one dying. And I hope you can’t relate. I’ll believe in ghosts until the day I die cause I’m just as hollow as one. And on that day I’ll find what I’ve been waiting for.
Track Name: Northwood
I slipped a note under your door. The light was calling me. The final draft of my thoughts from meeting you that night. A terrible joke to distract the awful truth that I don’t need. And I swear it’s not the last time, and I know it’s not the first. And I used to sing myself to sleep at night dreaming of a better day. Until then I’ll hide behind the light shinning under your closed door. Sliding notes to you with shaking hands. When I hear from you I’ll be back home and I won’t return until I have outgrown the last thing that I left for you. Pardon me if I outgrow. The night started with a sip from a coffee cup but I haven’t heard from you in days. Running up through my mind until I get your letter. Drive to your house thinking that you were better. But you’re gone and you can’t stay away from the dreams that you made in your hometown. But it’s gray. There’s no hope in waiting. And I don’t need… I won’t be back until I have outgrown that last thing that I left for you. Pardon me if I outgrow. The floorboards shake under my trembling grip because I’m holding on for this. Sliding my plea to you with shaky hands. But these pages don’t fit under the door anymore and I haven’t outgrown a damn thing.
Track Name: Anymore
My friends used to tell me that a place is only as good as the people you know in it. Well if a place is only as good as the people you know in it, then what good is this place anymore?
Track Name: Solace
I’m having trouble explaining the gravity of hard goodbyes under streetlights by an old suburban home. I wanted to make you my home, but God wouldn’t let me. I’m attempting to form a truce between my old self and you but you won’t let me. Breathe in. Breathe out. Turn your back on me and I’ll find hope in the past in forgotten nights that we hold on to like razor sharp knives. Just cut me loose. Last week you called me on the phone. You said things were going great at school. You’ve made so many new friends. I didn’t have the heart to tell you. That I want the way that it was more than the way that it is because the way that it is has me finding comfort in the idea that there’s still hope I can grasp onto the former days. I don’t wanna let go of you. I don’t wanna wait forever. Please don’t make me wait forever because I don’t know how much longer I can. I’m losing the safety I had back then. Oh, why did you have to leave me?
Track Name: Surface Alone
You’re not here while I am drowning in all of my fears. You’re not here. Pull me under the current. I’m just making it through. Open your hand. Don’t let this end quick and pull me under the current. I want to dive into the lake and surface alone. What if you forget about me? And what if I never see you again? And what if you like not being with me more than being with me? I just hope to God you didn’t go do anything with him because lately I’ve been holding onto the past when I should have been holding you.
Track Name: The House You Grew Up In
Seeking hope for my old life. It’s kind of hard forgetting the life we built and the house you grew up in. Bring it back to me so I can mend again. That’ll never be now. This house is not a place I love. I could dream up a different story but there’s nothing that it could mend. You don’t have to blame this on me but I want you to. My failure is your success and it’s a battle you’ll always win. Stuck in the middle of a fraction of thoughts that can’t seem to find their way out. Go cut out the words from your mouth and sell yourself to a loss of a better thinking mind. My detachment is persuaded by you. But you’ll bite your tongue every damn day so the secret doesn’t get let out. You’ll break your back over the solid lies that are falling to the rocky ground. You can stretch your tongue around your harsh words and follow it by a laugh, but that’s not gonna work anymore while you are still trapped playing house. So let’s sit tight and hold on and we can count all the cars driving by our feet as we gaze away. Forgetting about that place is not easy it seems. It’s what we could do but I have to. I’ve gotta forget. It’s kind of hard forgetting the life we built or the house you grew up in. You don’t have to blame this on me but I want you to.
Track Name: Novel
I’ve heard there’s a way to get to heaven without ever even dying. I didn’t expect that from you. So what’s the difference between saints and those who actually believe? Because in the end we’re all just liars and thieves. Please stay. Please don’t ask that of me. Nail my hands together and throw me off the ship. Drown me, drown me in sleep. I’ve been drawing the blueprints to my life but I’ve been running out ink. It’s just a matter of time. So cut the flag from it’s pole with your father’s knife and then throw that knife into the sea. And say, “I wish I was the son you wanted and not the one you got…” And there are comets outside again. Swim to shore and rip your hands apart. Take that nail out and throw it into the sea. It belongs with your father’s sins. Now let the water cover the ashes. You are new. “I wish I was the son you wanted and not the one you got. What I have left to show you are these bloody hands with holes like Christ.”
Track Name: Losing Safety
My tower’s beginning to fall. They forgot to make it out of ivory. Now I can no longer watch you walk these streets and hope you come on up to me because you know I can’t come down to you. And if I fall I’ll lose my crown. The one I wear for myself and the one I thought everyone saw on me. It turns out they never saw a crown on me just an empty boy with empty dreams. My regrets have been compromised and it’s invading my space. It’s a constant reminder that I never climbed the castle that I built by the sea to show all of the people I’m close to the edge of what I most found comfortable. It’s a shame I came so far to find myself standing out at the edge of the world. I don’t want this anymore than you do. I need to get something off of my chest before I do something irrational. I don’t wanna seem too pretentious but I had it all and I’m sorry I misunderstood the context. Still scared of the things I’ve never even known and that’s still including me. I’m the worst of my mysterious. I don’t recognize the man who’s staring through the mirror and matched his name with me. I stay up writing about how I’m…I’m sorry I’m not the person you wanted me to be. I’m not too found of myself. When will I ever get rid of who I am?...I’m staring out at the picture that I painted when I was only eighteen. Did I lose meaning while I was standing here waiting? I don’t wanna seem too pretentious but I had it all and then blank stares seem to shed some light on where I cross from fall to say I’m sorry I’m not the person you wanted me to be. The courage takes its toll on me. The silence leaves me empty. And we’re standing out in the open. And the water covers the ashes and I’m new.
Track Name: Young Man
No more summer trips, no more late night drives, will pick me up off the ground or take you off of my mind. Back when my hair was young and when I could get away with just letting it slide. Light the fireworks off. As the cars drive by our feet. No, I don’t wanna let go of this now. As long I am still alive. Everything you’ve been through you can’t just throw it away like that.
Track Name: Moving Forward
There’s no way I’m content with how things ended up. I wish I talked to you that day in Ann Arbor. Now I’m just trying to pull myself together before I do something irrational, like leave my body tonight. I don’t know if this will amount to anything at all. And I don’t wanna blame how I was raised but somewhere down the line I lost the person my parents tried to raise. I’m just trying to find my Great Perhaps. But I don’t know if this will amount to anything at all. I’m still just ten miles away from your house but you’re not there. And if I ever have children I don’t want them growing up like me with a head filled up with anxiety. With a head with a bullet in it. I wanna be a better person for other people. I wanna be a better person for my friends who left. I wanna be better person for my friends who stayed and I wanna be a better person for my parents. I hope this means as much for you as it does for me. And there are comets outside again. I’ve learned that change is just necessary sometimes. Moving forward is necessary sometimes. Now leaving home doesn’t feel like leaving home. This is about a period in my life where I was lost in life. My friends all moved away to college and I felt like my parents weren’t proud of me. But this isn’t all about me. It’ s about how I think a lot of us feel. Lost in in all aspects and scared because of it. This is about a place in my life between my old life and moving forward where I was waiting for things to go back to the old days but I soon realized that I can’t recreate the past and that I had to move on. But I’m still at that place but I’m almost out. I wanna be remember for something. I think that we all do. I just hope I’m remembered for something.